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Dynamics of Linear Perturbations in Modified Gravity Theories
Abstract: A modification of Gravity in the low-curvature regime may account for the late time acceleration of our universe, and is therefore an interesting alternative to Dark Energy.In such models, the modified Einstein equations admit self-accelerated solutions in the presence of negligible matter. At the level of perturbation theory,the modified equations give rise to new dynamics for the perturbations of the metric and matter. I will consider scalar perturbations, presenting in some details the dynamics of linear perturbations for two specific models, f(R) Gravity and Modified Source Gravity. I will conclude by demonstrating how some characteristic features of these models are likely to be common to general models of Modified Gravity and how Large Scale Structure formation and the Integrated Sachs Wolfe effect might be useful probes to distinguish between Dark Energy and Modified Gravity.
Date: 18/05/2007 - 11:30 am
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