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Introduction of bosonic fields into causal set theory
Speaker(s): Roman Sverdlov
Abstract: The purpose of this talk is to describe bosonic fields and their Lagrangians in the causal set context. Spin-0 fields are defined to be real-valued functions on a causal set. Gauge fields are viewed as SU(n)-valued functions on the set of pairs of elements of a causal set, and gravity is viewed as the causal relation itself. The purpose of this talk is to come up with expressions for the Lagrangian densities of these fields in such a way that they approximate the Lagrangian densities expected from regular Quantum Field Theory on a differentiable manifold in the special case where the causal set is a random sprinkling of points in the manifold. I will then conjecture that that same expression is appropriate for an arbitrary causal set.
Date: 19/02/2008 - 4:00 pm
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