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Inflation scenario via the Standard Model Higgs boson and LHC
Speaker(s): Andrei Barvinski
Abstract: We discuss a quantum corrected inflation scenario driven by a generic GUT or Standard Model type particle model, whose scalar field playing the role of an inflaton has a strong non-minimal curvature coupling. We show that currently widely accepted bounds on the Higgs mass falsify the suggestion of [arXiv:0710.3755] (the work underestimating the role of radiative corrections) that the Standard Model Higgs boson can serve as the inflaton. However, if the Higgs mass could be raised to 216 GeV, then the Standard Model could generate the inflationary scenario matching the CMB data with $n_ssimeq 0.93$ and a very low tensor to scalar perturbation ratio $rsimeq 0.0005$.
Date: 03/06/2008 - 4:45 pm
Collection: PASCOS 08
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