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Thinking Inside the Box: Weakly Measuring Postselected Ensembles
Speaker(s): Aephraim Steinberg
Abstract: The presumed irreversibility of quantum measurements (whatever they are) leads, in conventional approaches to quantum theory, to an asymmetry between state preparation and post-selection. Is it possible that a trajectory can be predicted from the former, yet not inferred from the latter? Especially in light of the exciting applications of non-unitary operations (i.e., postselection) in quantum information, it becomes timely to reconsider how much one can say about a post-selected subensemble. I will review the weak-measurement formalism of Aharonov, Vaidman et al., and discuss some applications and extensions. These will include a proposed experiment to study the duration of the tunneling process (a question controversial since the 1930s) and a recently completed experiment aiming to 'resolve' Hardy's retrodiction paradox.
Date: 29/09/2008 - 11:45 am
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