Does the wave-function concern information or reality
Speaker(s): Alberto Montina
Abstract: In the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics, the wave-function provides a complete statistical information of systems. It does not represent a real field, but is similar to the concept of probability distribution of classical mechanics. In the framework of this interpretation, no attempt of representing an underlying reality by means of well-defined quantities is made. Conversely, an ontological theory of quantum mechanics provides a classical description by means of well-defined quantities, whose values are partially hidden and the state of our knowledge is represented by probability distributions. I will show that in any ontological Markovian theory the wave-function must be promoted to the rank of a real field, i.e. it must correspond to elements of reality. This implies that the number of ontological variables must grow exponentially with the physical size. Some consequences of this theorem are finally sketched.
Date: 12/12/2008 - 11:10 am
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