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The Shape of Clusters and Large-Scale Structure
Speaker(s): Neta Bahcall
Abstract: The largest structures in the Universe -- Superclusters of Galaxies -- range in size from a few Mpc to the 'Great Walls' scale of hundreds of Mpc. What is the shape of these large structures -- are they filamentary in nature or are they flattened two-dimensional 'pancakes'? How do they form and evolve? Superclusters are typically dominated by clusters of galaxies, systems that serve as one of the most powerful tools in cosmology. What is the shape of clusters -- are they spherically symmetric or are they elongated? Are they aligned with each other on large scales? I present results that answer these fundamental questions, revealing the predicted shape and evolution of the large-scale structure in the Universe in the current popular cosmology. We show that the shape of clusters provides an interesting new tool in constraining cosmology, as well as provides clues to the formation and evolution of large-scale structure.
Date: 30/04/2009 - 9:00 am
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