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Nonabelian Dark Matter
Speaker(s): James Cline
Abstract: Recent data from the PAMELA, Fermi/LAT and INTEGRAL/SPI experiments, among others, give evidence of excess electrons and positrons in the galaxy, which might be due to annihilation of dark matter. Models in which the dark matter transforms under a hidden nonabelian gauge symmetry can naturally account for the unusual features needed to fit these data. I will discuss generic features of such models, some of their distinctive consequences for cosmology, and new results for reconciling their predictions with the anomalous observations. Special attention will be given to the 511 keV gamma ray excess observed by INTEGRAL, and to the possibility that high energy lepton excesses get significant contributions from dark matter annihilation in subhalos rather than the main halo of our galaxy.
Date: 27/11/2009 - 2:30 pm
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