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Dark Matter: New Data and New Dynamics?
Speaker(s): Natalia Toro
Abstract: The quest to understand the nature of dark matter is entering a remarkable data-rich era. Hypothetical stable, electrically neutral particles with TeV-scale mass and weak-strength couplings are a simple, theoretically appealing, but untested candidate for the dark matter. I will summarize recent results in both direct and indirect searches for dark matter, and highlight what upcoming data may teach us. I will also discuss the key role of accelerator-based experiments and novel astrophysical measurements in understanding dark matter and its connection to Standard Model physics. The prospects are particularly rich if dark matter interacts through new, non-Standard-Model dynamics, as recent cosmic-ray data may suggest. I will discuss a range of collider-based searches and fixed-target experiments under development to search for this dynamics, and the complementary sensitivity of searches for cosmic rays originating from dark matter annihilation in the sun.
Date: 02/02/2010 - 2:00 pm
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