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Recent advances and future challenges for using galaxy clusters in cosmology
Speaker(s): Alexey Vikhlinin
Abstract: X-ray surveys and deep Chandra observations recently provided ~10% accurate measurements of the total mass in nearly 100 galaxy clusters at z=0-0.9. These data clearly show the effect of Dark Energy on slow-down of the structure growth at z<1. THe combination of the structure growth measurements with other cosmological observations substantially improves the constraints on the Dark Energy equation of state parameter. More advanced applications include constraints on the deviations from General Relativity on 10-100 Mpc scales. Will the situation improve in the future when samples of 10^3-10^5 clusters are available? I will review the current ''bottlenecks'', and discuss possible strategies for using future cluster data for ''precision cosmology''.
Date: 29/04/2010 - 9:00 am
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