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Comparing the performances of coherent and coincident network searches forbinary black hole mergers
Speaker(s): Thilina Dayanga
Abstract: A coherent multi-site search is expected to be more powerful than itscoincident counterpart in discriminating gravitational wave (GW) signals fromthe noise background. This is because the former tests the consistency of thesignals' amplitudes phases and time-delays across the sites with those expected from a real GW source. However the coherent statistic that is optimalin Gaussian noise is not guaranteed to perform as well in real data which arenon-Gaussian. Here we introduce an alternative coherent statistic for searchingcompact binary coalescence (CBC) signals that includes chi-square andnull-stream discriminators for non-Gaussian features in the data. Thisstatistic has been found to perform better than coincident statistics exploredin real data. This alternative coherent statistic is being used in ongoinginspiral-merger-ringdown searches in LIGO-Virgo data and is expected to beuseful in bridging the performance gap between the coincident CBC searchpipeline and the coherent burst search pipeline for detecting signalshigh-mass CBCs especially for systems with total-mass tending toward ahundred solar masses that have only a few signal cycles in band. We planto use this statistics in future NINJA analysis.
Date: 24/06/2010 - 5:50 pm
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