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Modelling waveforms from binary neutron stars
Speaker(s): Jocelyn Read
Abstract: The familiar post-Newtonian inspiral description of a binary neutron star system is sufficient for detection in current instruments. However, as we consider making astrophysical measurements using advanced detectors, the effects of matter and strong gravity on gravitational wave signals may become significant. I will review recent work modelling the waveforms produced by the inspiral and coalescence of binary neutron stars. In the mid-to-late inspiral this includes modifications to the post-Newtonian waveform models from tidal deformations. In the late inspiral and coalescence, numerical simulations are exploring a range of masses, mass ratios, equations of state, and magnetic fields. In some circumstances a hypermassive remnant produces significant additional signal after the merger. Numerical simulation results also link neutron-star merger to potential counterpart signals.
Date: 25/06/2010 - 10:30 am
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