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Understanding spinning black-hole binaries: a new effective-one-body model
Speaker(s): Enrico Barausse
Abstract: The dynamics of black-hole binaries is a very complex problem which has been solved only very recently through time-expensive numerical-relativity calculations. In spite of this mathematical complexity many results of these calculations can be accurately reproduced with phenomenological approaches based on test particles combined with Post-Newtonian theory and black-hole perturbation theory. In this talk I will focus on effective-one-body models, which have proved a useful and fast tool to accurately reproduce numerical-relativity waveforms. In particular I will present a novel, self-consistent effective-one-body model for spinning black-hole binaries, and show that this model does not suffer from the shortcomings of the existing models which have been put forward in the literature.
Date: 25/06/2010 - 4:50 pm
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