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Hybrid waveforms for binary black holes with aligned spins: Matching errors and a phenomenological model in the frequency domain
Speaker(s): Frank Ohme
Abstract: We present a new construction of phenomenological templates for non-precessing spinning black hole binaries. This approach utilizes a frequency domain matching of post-Newtonian inspiral waveforms with numerical relativity based binary black hole coalescence waveforms. We quantify the various possible sources of systematic errors that could arise in matching post-Newtonian and numerical relativity waveforms and we use a matching criteria based on minimizing these errors. An analytical formula for the dominant mode of the gravitational radiation of non-precessing black-hole binaries is presented that captures the phenomenology of the hybrid waveforms. Its implementation in the current searches for gravitational waves should allow cross-checks of other inspiral-merger-ringdown waveform families as well as an improvement of the reach of the detection algorithms.
Date: 25/06/2010 - 5:30 pm
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