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Minimum output entropy of quantum channels is hard to approximate
Speaker(s): Aram Harrow
Abstract: The headline result of this talk is that, based on plausible complexity-theoretic assumptions, many properties of quantum channels are computationally hard to approximate. These hard-to-compute properties include the minimum output entropy, the 1->p norms of channels, and their "regularized" versions, such as the classical capacity. The proof of this claim has two main ingredients. First, I show how many channel problems can be fruitfully recast in the language of two-prover quantum Merlin-Arther games (which I'll define during the talk). Second, the main technical contribution is a procedure that takes two copies of a multipartite quantum state and estimates whether or not it is close to a product state. This is based on arXiv:1001.0017, which is joint work with Ashley Montanaro.
Date: 06/07/2010 - 3:00 pm
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