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Revealing the Invisible: Strong Gravitational Lensing & Particle Dark Matter
Speaker(s): Leonidas Moustakas
Abstract: The particular properties of different dark matter particle candidates can lead to different properties and distributions of sub-structure within galaxies; structure that may uniquely be probed through specific state of the art observations of galaxy-scale dark matter halos that happen to be acting as strong gravitational lenses. I will discuss how the matter power spectrum and non-linear evolution within galaxies depend on the specific properties of dark matter particle candidates, develop the types of strong gravitational lenses that lend themselves to probing substructure, and give both the current state of the art and the prospects for quantitative constraints in the near future. Throughout, I will emphasize what cross-germination opportunities there are between such astrophysical structure measurements, and other exciting avenues of insight into the nature of dark matter.
Date: 22/09/2011 - 5:00 pm
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