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Accelerated Expansion and AdS/CFT
Speaker(s): Thomas Hertog
Abstract: We review the notion of a quantum state of the universe and its role in fundamental cosmology. Then we discuss recent work which points towards a profound connection, at the level of the quantum state, between (asymptotic) Euclidean AdS spaces and Lorentzian de Sitter spaces. This gives a new framework in which (a mild generalization of) AdS/CFT can be applied to inflationary cosmology.   For the specific case of the Hartle-Hawking no-boundary quantum state the ADS/ de Sitter connection yields a natural proposal for a more precise `dual' formulation of the wave function, in terms of field theories on the future de Sitter boundary that are certain relevant deformations of the CFTs that occur in AdS/CFT.
Date: 01/05/2012 - 11:00 am
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