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AdS(3)/CFT(2) correspondence and integrability
Speaker(s): Konstantin Zarembo
Abstract: Integrability has been successfully used to compute the non-perturbative spectrum, Wilson loops and scattering amplitudes in the AdS/CFT correspondence. Most of these results apply to N=4, D=4 SYM / strings on AdS(5)xS(5). Strings on AdS(3)xM, where M is either S(3)xT(4) or S(3)xS(3)xS(1), are also integrable and potentially solvable by the same methods (Bethe ansatz, Y-system, TBA etc). An interesting aspect of string theory on AdS(3) is a large number of parameters that preserve integrability. One parameters, in particular, interpolates between the integrable RR AdS(3) background and conformal NSNS background described by a non-compact WZW model. Another interesting aspect of string theory on AdS(3) is emergence of target-space Viraroso symmetry. I will review how integrability arises in the AdS(3)/CFT(2) correspondence, and will describe what is (not) know about the Bethe ansatz solution of the relevant sigma-models.
Date: 09/10/2012 - 2:00 pm
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