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Renormalization Group Analysis of a Non-Fermi Liquid System
Speaker(s): Ipsita Mandal
Abstract: We devise a renormalization group analysis for quantum field theories with Fermi surface to study scaling behaviour of non- Fermi liquid states in a controlled approximation. The non-Fermi liquid fixed points are identified from a Fermi surface in (m+1) spatial dimensions, while the co-dimension of Fermi surface is also extended to a generic value. We also study superconducting instability in such systems as a function of dimension and co-dimension of the Fermi surface. The key point in this whole analysis is that unlike in relativistic QFT, the Fermi momentum kF enters as a dimensionful parameter, thus modifying the naive scaling arguments. The effective coupling constant is found to be a combination of the original coupling constant and kF.
Date: 01/05/2014 - 11:35 am
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