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Spontaneous symmetry breaking, gravity, and spinning objects
Speaker(s): Solomon Endlich
Abstract: Space-time symmetries are a crucial ingredient of any theoretical model in physics. Unlike internal symmetries, which may or may not be gauged and/or spontaneously broken, space-time symmetries do not admit any ambiguity: they are gauged by gravity, and any conceivable physical system (other than the vacuum) is bound to break at least some of them. Motivated by this observation, I will sketch how to couple gravity with the Goldstone fields that non-linearly realize spontaneously broken space-time symmetries by weakly gauging the Poincare symmetry group in the context of the coset construction. To illustrate the power of this perspective I will build a low energy effective action that describes spinning objects coupled to gravity and describe its interpretation.
Date: 29/05/2014 - 2:30 pm
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