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Black hole evaporation without firewalls
Speaker(s): James Bardeen
Abstract: There need not be any conflict between unitarity, locality, and regularity of the horizon in black hole evaporation. I discuss a scenario in which the initial collapse that forms the black hole results in a small non-singular core inside an inner event horizon. This core grows as the result of quantum back-reaction associated with the increasing entanglement entropy of Hawking radiation quanta and their partners trapped inside the core. By the Page time the inner and outer apparent horizons either merge into a degenerate horizon, shutting off the Hawking radiation and leaving a massive remnant, or they disappear completely, allowing the trapped quantum information to escape. The scenario is justified by appeals to the Bousso covariant entropy bound and the ER=EPR conjecture. The talk is largely based on arxiv.org/1406.4098.
Date: 02/09/2014 - 11:00 am
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