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Exploring Quantum Matter with the High Temperature Superconductors
Speaker(s): Subir Sachdev
Abstract: Apart from high temperature superconductivity, the cuprate compounds also display fascinating new types of metallic states from which the superconductivity descends. These metals have served as a remarkable laboratory for modern ideas on long-range quantum entanglement and its consequences for the properties of quantum matter. In the low carrier density “pseudogap” regime we observe a metal which is similar in many respects to simple metals like silver; however, there is increasing evidence that the simple metallic character co-exists with more exotic topological order. At higher dopings we have the “strange metal” which differs in almost all respects from simple metals, and has no well-defined quasiparticle excitations. I will describe a mean-field model of a strange metal which, remarkably, yields the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of charged black holes.
Date: 23/06/2015 - 9:50 am
Collection: Convergence
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