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Perimeter Institute will host an international conference from July 18-21, 2006, in honour of Abner Shimony, one of the most eminent physicist-philosophers of our time. Professor Shimony is renowned for his contribution to the famous Bell-CHSH inequality and for many other contributions in the foundations of physics and philosophy. Talks and discussions will cover a wide range of subjects within physics and philosophy, including theoretical and experimental aspects of quantum entanglement and non-locality, relativistic causality, quantum measurement problem, probability theory, temporal transience, the mind-body problem, and scientific realism.

Organizer(s): Joy Christian   Wayne Myrvold  

Collection URL: http://pirsa.org/C06009

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Quantum Reality, Relativistic Causality, and Closing the Epistemic Circle - Welcome
Date: 18/07/2006 - 9:00 am

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Geometry of Flat Spacetime
Speaker(s): N. David Mermin
Abstract: I will show Abner how to construct Minkowski's space-time diagrams directly from Einstein's two postulates and some very elementary plane geometry. This geometric route into special relativity was developed while teaching the subject to nonscientists, but some of its features may be unfamiliar to ph... read more
Date: 18/07/2006 - 9:15 am

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On the Separability of Physical Systems
Speaker(s): Jon Jarrett
Abstract: In the context of Bell-type experiments, two related notions of "separability" are offered, one of which is logically stronger than the other. It is shown that the weaker of these is logically equivalent to the statistical independence condition widely taken to have been refuted by the results of ex... read more
Date: 18/07/2006 - 10:15 am

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Entanglement and the Foundations of Statistical Mechanics
Speaker(s): Sandu Popescu
Date: 18/07/2006 - 11:45 am

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Mathematics and the Empirical Sciences: Charles Sanders Peirce on the Status and Application of Mathematics
Speaker(s): Ronald Anderson
Abstract: Abner Shimony mentions that his undergraduate years at Yale in the forties provided an introduction to three profound philosophers that influenced his thought – Alfred North Whitehead, Charles Sanders Peirce and Kurt Gödel. For all three, mathematics played a central role in the unfolding of their... read more
Date: 18/07/2006 - 2:45 pm

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Quantum Physics and Whitehead's Philosophy a tribute to Abner Shimony
Speaker(s): Shimon Malin
Abstract: After having been a Whiteheadian for decades, Abner, under the influence of Lovejoy’s book, "The Revolt against Dualism,” no longer accepts Whitehead’s philosophy. In this paper I try to challenge this change of heart, as well as suggest a modification of Whitehead’s philosophy that allows for a... read more
Date: 18/07/2006 - 3:45 pm

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The transient nows
Speaker(s): Steve Savitt
Abstract: It is often suggested that the special theory of relativity is incompatible with any notion of the passage of time. I shall try to show, following in the footsteps of Abner Shimony, that there is transience to be found in Minkowski spacetime, but this transience is local rather than global.
Date: 18/07/2006 - 5:15 pm

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Interpretations of Probability in Quantum Mechanics
Speaker(s): Geoffrey Hellman
Abstract: Taking for granted that the mathematical apparatus for describing probabilities in quantum mechanics is well-understood via work of von Neumann, Lüders, Mackey, and Gleason, we present an overview of different interpretations of “probability” in quantum mechanics bearing on physics and experiment... read more
Date: 19/07/2006 - 9:15 am

PIRSA:06070044  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Indistinguishability or stochastic dependence? Authors - D. Costantini and U. Garibaldi
Abstract: Once again the problem of indistinguishability has been recently tackled. The question is why indistinguishability, in quantum mechanics but not in classical one, forces a changes in statistics. Or, what is able to explain the difference between classical and quantum statistics? The answer given reg... read more
Date: 19/07/2006 - 10:15 am

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Causality in quantum theory and beyond: towards a theory of quantum gravity
Speaker(s): Lucien Hardy
Abstract: The way we combine operators in quantum theory depends on the causal relationship involved. For spacelike separated spacetime regions we use the tensor product. For immediately sequential regions of spacetime we use the direct product. In the latter case we lose information – that is we cannot g... read more
Date: 19/07/2006 - 11:45 am

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