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Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity

Organizer(s): Sabine Hossenfelder   Bianca Dittrich   Tomasz Konopka   Achim Kempf  

Collection URL: http://pirsa.org/C07024

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Quantum-Gravity-induced Decoherence and intrinsic CPT Violation: towards smoking-gun experimental evidence in entangled particle states?
Abstract: Quantum Gravity may be entirely unconventional as a theory, leading to completely unfamiliar (compared to other fields of physics) and unexpected experimental signatures. One particularly interesting avenue for research in that field is the study of models in which quantum gravity operates as a deco... read more
Date: 05/11/2007 - 10:00 am

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Planck Meets Hubble and Boltzmann: Holographic Quantum Foam and Cosmology
Speaker(s): Jack Ng
Abstract: Quantum fluctuations of spacetime give rise to quantum foam, and black hole physics dictates that the foam is of holographic type. One way to detect quantum foam is to exploit the fact that an electromagnetic wavefront will acquire uncertainties in direction as well as phase as it propagates through... read more
Date: 05/11/2007 - 11:15 am

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Inflation with a Cutoff: Proposals and Problems
Speaker(s): Jens Niemeyer
Abstract: The possible existence of a physical UV cutoff in dynamical spacetimes raises a number of conceptual and practical questions. If the validity of Lorentz Invariance is considered unreliable above the cutoff, the creation or destruction of quantum modes and the choice of their initial state need to be... read more
Date: 05/11/2007 - 2:30 pm

PIRSA:07110040  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
The quantum origin of the cosmological structure: an arena for quantum gravity phenomenology
Speaker(s): Daniel Sudarsky
Abstract: I will review the shortcomings of the standard account of the origin of anisotropies and in-homogeneities in inflationary cosmology. I will argue that something beyond the established paradigm of physics in needed for a satisfactory explanation of the process by which the seeds of structure emerge f... read more
Date: 05/11/2007 - 4:00 pm

PIRSA:07110041  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Emergent dispersion relations --- lessons for quantum gravity
Speaker(s): Matt Visser
Abstract: The dispersion relations that naturally arise in the known emergent/analogue spacetimes typically violate analogue Lorentz invariance at high energy, but do not do so in completely arbitrary manner. This suggests that a search for arbitrary violations of Lorentz invariance is possibly overkill: Ther... read more
Date: 05/11/2007 - 5:00 pm

PIRSA:07110042  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Mass-generating mechanism for Nambu-Goldstone bosons in emergent spacetime and its application for quantum gravity phenomenology
Speaker(s): Silke Weinfurtner
Abstract: Effective field theories (EFTs) have been widely used as a framework in order to place constraints on the Planck suppressed Lorentz violations predicted by various models of quantum gravity. There are however technical problems in the EFT framework when it comes to ensuring that small Lorentz violat... read more
Date: 05/11/2007 - 6:00 pm

PIRSA:07110043  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
DSR and Classical Gravity
Abstract: The talk gives a brief overview over different versions of doubly or deformed special relativity (DSR) and its motivation, which comes from the occurrence of a fundamental invariant length in quantum gravity (QG). Despite its QG origin, DSR is a modification of flat space geometry without explicit n... read more
Date: 06/11/2007 - 10:00 am

PIRSA:07110044  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Symmetry deformation from quantum relational observables
Speaker(s): Florian Girelli
Abstract: Observables in (quantum) General Relativity can be constructed from (quantum) reference frame -- a physical observable is then a relation between a system of interest and the reference frame. A possible interpretation of DSR can be derived from the notion of deformed reference frame (cf Liberati-Son... read more
Date: 06/11/2007 - 11:15 am

PIRSA:07110045  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Out-of-this-World Physics: Probing Quantum Gravity in the Lab
Speaker(s): Greg Landsberg
Abstract: I'll give a broad review of various ways of looking for large, small, and warped extra dimensions and will give only a brief review of the black-hole business, particularly an introduction based on the original paper we wrote and recent work on Randall-Sundrum black holes.
Date: 06/11/2007 - 2:30 pm

PIRSA:07110046  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Towards a Phenomenology of Quantum Gravity?
Speaker(s): John Ellis
Abstract: This talk will review proposed tests of ideas about quantum gravity, including searches for quantum decoherence, probes of the possible energy-dependence of the velocity of light, and the nature of vacuum energy. Motivations will be drawn from a non-critical string theory framework.
Date: 06/11/2007 - 4:15 pm

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