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Southwestern Ontario 4-Corner Condensed Matter Symposium

Organizer(s): Robert Myers   Michel Gingras  

Collection URL: http://pirsa.org/C08008

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Nodal Quasiparticles and Spin and Charge Order in the Cuprate Superconductors
Speaker(s): Subir Sachdev
Abstract: I will discuss the interplay between the fermionic nodal quasiparticles of a d-wave superconductor and the various spin and charge orders that have been observed in the cuprate superconductors. Fluctuations of a composite 'nematic' order are identified as the dominant source of inelastic scattering ... read more
Date: 24/04/2008 - 9:00 am

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Nature of Hidden Order in URu2Si2
Speaker(s): Graeme Luke
Abstract: URu2Si2 is a moderate heavy fermion system which undergoes two transitions with decreasing temperature. The lower transition (1.5K) is to a possibly unconventional superconducting state, whereas the nature of the upper transition (17.5K) is poorly understood. Large lambda-like anomalies are seen in ... read more
Date: 24/04/2008 - 10:00 am

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Dynamics in Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene
Speaker(s): Volodya Miransky
Abstract: I present a short review of recent developments both in experiment and theory in Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene. The emphasis is on the interpretation of the dynamics underlying recently experimentally discovered novel plateaus in strong magnetic fields (B > 20 T).
Date: 24/04/2008 - 11:30 am

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Stability of Superflow in Ultracold Fermions in Optical Lattices
Speaker(s): Anton Burkov
Abstract: Motivated by recent observations of superfluidity of ultracold fermions in optical lattices, we investigate the stability of superfluid flow of paired fermions in the lowest band of a strong optical lattice. For fillings close to one fermion per site, we show that superflow breaks down via a dynamic... read more
Date: 24/04/2008 - 12:00 pm

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Ferroelectricity out of magnetic frustration
Speaker(s): Collin Broholm
Abstract: Responding electrically to magnetic stimuli and vise versa, multiferroics offer exciting possibilities for applications and challenge our understanding of coupled lattice and spin degrees of freedom in solids. I discuss how multiferroic properties can develop in frustrated magnets where competing in... read more
Date: 24/04/2008 - 2:00 pm

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Computing Unconventional Quantum Phase Transitions
Speaker(s): Roger Melko
Abstract: Calculating universal properties of quantum phase transitions in microscopic Hamiltonians is a challenging task, made possible through large-scale numerical simulations coupled with finite-size scaling analyses. The continuing advancement of quantum Monte Carlo technologies, together with modern hig... read more
Date: 24/04/2008 - 3:30 pm

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Non-Metallic Resistivity in Strongly Correlated Metals
Speaker(s): Stephen Julian
Abstract: There are a few examples in the literature of metals that, in the T  0 K limit, show a resistivity that rises with decreasing temperature without any sign of either saturation or a gap. Well known cases include underdoped cuprates in high magnetic fields and some doped uranium heavy fermion compo... read more
Date: 24/04/2008 - 4:30 pm

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Spin Liquid with Spinon Fermi Surface: Its Stability and Possible Application to the Organics
Speaker(s): Sung-Sik Lee
Abstract: Based on a U(1) gauge theory of the Hubbard model on the triangular lattice, it is argued that a spin liquid phase may exist near the Mott transition in the organic compound κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu2(CN)3. In the spin liquid state, low energy excitations are fermionic spinons and an emergent U(1) gauge boso... read more
Date: 24/04/2008 - 5:00 pm
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