PIRSA:C08025 - Seeking SICs: A Workshop on Quantum Frames and Designs - 2008PODCAST Subscribe to podcast

This workshop is organized with the hope of making significant progress to the question: the question of the existance of minimal symmetric informationally-complete (SIC) sets of pure quantum states.

Organizer(s): Steve Flammia   Chris Fuchs  

Collection URL: http://pirsa.org/C08025

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Why I care
Speaker(s): Chris Fuchs
Date: 26/10/2008 - 10:30 am

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SIC Triple Products
Speaker(s): Marcus Appleby
Date: 26/10/2008 - 11:30 am

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Seeking Symmetries of SIC-POVMs
Speaker(s): Markus Grassl
Abstract: By definition, SIC-POVMs are symmetric in the sense that the magnitude of the inner product between any pair of vectors is constant. All known constructions are based on additional symmetries, mainly with respect to the Weyl-Heisenberg group. Analyzing solutions for small dimensions, Zauner has iden... read more
Date: 26/10/2008 - 2:00 pm

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Quantum state tomography from yes/no measurements
Speaker(s): Martin Roetteler
Abstract: Abstract: Adapting the concept of Wigner functions to finite dimensional systems is no simple matter. Basic issues with existing proposals are that they are either over-complete in the sense that the degrees of freedom in the Wigner function does not match the degrees of freedom in the original dens... read more
Date: 27/10/2008 - 10:30 am

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Unitary design: bounds on their size
Speaker(s): Andrew Scott
Abstract: As a means of exactly derandomizing certain quantum information processing tasks, unitary designs have become an important concept in quantum information theory. A unitary design is a collection of unitary matrices that approximates the entire unitary group, much like a spherical design approximates... read more
Date: 27/10/2008 - 11:30 am

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Culs-de-sac and open ends
Speaker(s): David Gross
Abstract: I present three realizations about the SIC problem which excited me several years ago but which did not - unsurprisingly - lead anywhere. 1. In odd dimensions d, the metaplectic representation of SL(2,Z_d) decomposes into two irreducible components, acting on the odd and even parity subspaces respec... read more
Date: 27/10/2008 - 2:00 pm

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MUBs and SICs
Speaker(s): Ingemar Bengtsson
Abstract: Abstract: Complete sets of mutually unbiased bases are clearly 'cousins' of SICs. One difference is that there is a 'theory' for MUBs, in the sense that they are straightforward to construct in some cases, and probably impossible to construct in others. Moreover complete sets of MUBs do appear natur... read more
Date: 28/10/2008 - 10:30 am

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SICs, Convex Cones, and Algebraic Sets
Speaker(s): Howard Barnum
Abstract: The question whether SICs exist can be viewed as a question about the structure of the convex set of quantum measurements, or turned into one about quantum states, asserting that they must have a high degree of symmetry. I'll address Chris Fuchs' contrast of a 'probability first' view of the issue w... read more
Date: 29/10/2008 - 10:30 am

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MUBS in infinite dimensions: the problematic analogy between L2(R) and C^d
Speaker(s): Robin Blume-Kohout
Date: 30/10/2008 - 10:30 am
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