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Integrability in Gauge/String Theories


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PIRSA:11080049  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Critical Values of the Yang-Yang Functional in the Quantum Sine-Gordon Model
Speaker(s): Sergei Lukyanov
Date: 16/08/2011 - 3:20 pm

PIRSA:11080039  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
High-Energy Amplitudes in the Next-to-Leading Order
Speaker(s): Ian Balitsky
Abstract: The high-energy behavior of gauge theory amplitudes can be studied using the operator expansion in Wilson lines. I review the next-to-leading order calculations of the high-energy amplitudes in N=4 SYM and QCD.
Date: 17/08/2011 - 9:30 am

PIRSA:11080041  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Scattering Amplitudes and AdS/CFT Integrability
Speaker(s): Jan Plefka
Abstract: I will give a brief review on the subject of scattering amplitudes in N=4 super Yang-Mills focussing on their infinite dimensional symmetry structure at tree-level and the fate of these symmetries at loop-level in particular employing a Highs-Regulator for the IR divergencies.
Date: 17/08/2011 - 10:50 am

PIRSA:11080050  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Hidden symmetry of correlation functions and amplitudes in N=4 SYM
Speaker(s): Gregory Korchemsky
Abstract: We study the four-point correlation function of stress-tensor supermultiplets in N=4 SYM using the method of Lagrangian insertions. We argue that, as a corollary of N=4 superconformal symmetry, the resulting all-loop integrand possesses an unexpected complete symmetry under the exchange of the four ... read more
Date: 18/08/2011 - 9:30 am

PIRSA:11080087  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Scattering Amplitudes from (super) Wilson Loops
Speaker(s): Simon Caron-Huot
Abstract: The S-matrix of N=4 super Yang-Mills in the planar limit enjoys a remarkable duality with non-BPS null polygon Wilson loops in the same theory, but with the role of momenta and position interchanged. I will attempt to explain how such a duality works, by stressing how familiar notions such as factor... read more
Date: 18/08/2011 - 10:50 am

PIRSA:11080052  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Twistor Methods in N=4 SYM
Speaker(s): David Skinner
Abstract: I review how N=4 SYM can be reformulated as a theory on twistor space, and explain various calculations that have been performed there. In particular, twistors turn out to be a powerful tool for investigating the duality between scattering amplitudes and null polygonal Wilson Loops in the planar lim... read more
Date: 18/08/2011 - 11:40 am

PIRSA:11080042  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Flux Tubes, Integrability and the S-matrix of N=4 SYM
Speaker(s): Amit Sever
Abstract: An object which has been under attack from several fronts is the planar S-matrix of N=4 SYM. One approach towards addressing the computation of scattering amplitudes using integrability is by using an analogues of an Operator Product Expansion for these observables. It is a very general expansion th... read more
Date: 18/08/2011 - 2:30 pm

PIRSA:11080054  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
From Weak to Strong Coupling with GKP
Speaker(s): Benjamin Basso
Date: 18/08/2011 - 3:20 pm

PIRSA:11080066  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Gong Show
Holographic Three Point Functions of Giant Gravitons
Living on the Edge
Hybrid Nonlinear Integral Equations for AdS_5 x S^5
Exotic Y-systems via Wall-Crossing
Lifting Asymptotic Degeneracies
Finite-Size Corrections in AdS4 x CP3: vs. Bethe-Ansatz
Date: 18/08/2011 - 5:00 pm

PIRSA:11080040  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Mirror TBA
Speaker(s): Sergey Frolov
Abstract: The TBA approach to the AdS/CFT spectral problem is used to compute scaling dimensions of several operators dual to two-particle states of the l.c. AdS5 x S5 string theory. The implementation of the psu(2,2|4) symmetry in the TBA framework is discussed.
Date: 19/08/2011 - 9:30 am

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