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PIRSA:16060115  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Emergent Time Discussion
Date: 29/06/2016 - 10:00 am
Collection: Time in Cosmology

PIRSA:09100207  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Meet a Scientist - Jenann Ismael
Speaker(s): Jenann Ismael
Abstract: The nature of time, probability and quantum mechanics, philosophy of physics and metaphysics, especially issues involving the role of mathematical tools like symmetry in physics, and applying this formal apparatus to the philosophy of mind.
Date: 02/04/2009 - 2:40 am
Collection: Meet a Scientist

PIRSA:08090085  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Chance and Romance: a marriage of classical and quantum probability
Speaker(s): Jenann Ismael
Abstract: I'll sketch of a proposal for unifying classical and quantum probability, arguing first for the need to recognize a measure over phase space as a component of classical theories (indeed, of any theory satisfying certain constraints and capable of generating predictions for open systems) and then sho... read more
Date: 30/09/2008 - 4:00 pm
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