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Entanglement entropy in expanding spacetimes
Abstract: This talk will be about entanglement entropy in empty 4-dimensional de Sitter spacetime of a non-conformal QFT [1]. I will first briefly describe the set-up and show how a hydrodynamic plasma dilutes and falls out of equilibrium due to expansion towards empty de Sitter spacetime. Interestingly, in t... read more
Date: 27/04/2021 - 2:00 pm

PIRSA:15080052  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Mathematica, tensor networks, MERA and entanglement
Abstract: TBA
Date: 28/08/2015 - 9:15 am

PIRSA:15080048  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Mathematica School Lecture - 2015
Abstract: TBA
Date: 26/08/2015 - 12:00 pm

PIRSA:13110089  ( MP4 Medium Res , MP3 , PDF ) Which Format?
Collisions in AdS and the thermalisation of heavy-ion collisions
Abstract: The motivation of this seminar is to understand the thermalisation of heavy ion collisions using AdS/CFT. These collisions can be modelled as colliding planar gravitational shock waves. This gives rise to rich and interesting dynamics; wide shocks come to a full stop and expand hydrodynamically, as ... read more
Date: 28/11/2013 - 1:00 pm
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