Navigating PIRSA

You can return to the home page by clicking on the PIRSA logo in the top left hand corner.

The search box at the top right hand corner can be used to find talks by a particular speaker (partial searches on the first or last name will bring up a list of options) or to find talks with particular words in the title or abstract. This box also appears at the bottom of the home page.

For more advanced searches (specifying a date range, a subject area, and key words in the title and abstract) click on advanced search.

The home page lists five numbered options for different types of search.

1. The catch up facility allows you to search for recordings made in the last week, two weeks, or month. The second box can be used to select talks that are tagged as being in a particular area of physics.

2. If you know a PIRSA number, PIRSA:#, then the number # can be typed into this box to bring up the appropriate page (alternatively you can simply type in the URL pirsa.org/#). This works for series and collections as well as recordings.

3. This option can be used to bring up a list talks in a particular series for any particular term. The term can be changed either by returning to the home page or by clicking on the URL given for the series. Talks will be displayed in reverse chronological order.

4. This option can be used to select a particular collection. Conferences, workshops, and schools are selected by selecting "conference/school". Courses are selected by selecting "courses". Collections are not open ended and are displayed in chronological order.

5. Perimeter Institute has an active interest in bringing scientific ideas to the general public. Recordings in our outreach program can be selected using this option.

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