Introduction to quantum groups 1


Koch, F. (2007). Introduction to quantum groups 1. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/07010027


Koch, Florian. Introduction to quantum groups 1. Perimeter Institute, Jan. 18, 2007, https://pirsa.org/07010027


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Florian Koch Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitiät München (LMU)


Motivation: From Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Groups The notion of 'quantization' commonly used in textbooks of quantum mechanics has to be specified in order to turn it into a defined mathematical operation. We discuss that on the trails of Weyl's phase space deformation, i.e. we introduce the Weyl-Moyal starproduct and the deformation of Poisson-manifolds. Generalizing from this, we understand, why Hopf-algebras are the most genuine way to apply 'quantization' to various other algebraic objects - and why this has direct physical applications.