Quantum Gravity Around the Corner

Collection Number C22026
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There has been recent activity in looking for new conserved charges and symmetries in gravity, most notably at infinity but also for finite regions. An important question is whether some of these charges and symmetries have physical implications. These charges are evaluated on codimension-2 surfaces  called corners, which constitute the main focus of this conference. The goal is to bring together leading experts and promote discussions and exchanges among different approaches to (quantum) gravity. 

Machine Learning (2021/2022)

Collection Number C22023
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This course is designed to introduce modern machine learning techniques for studying classical and quantum many-body problems encountered in condensed matter, quantum information, and related fields of physics. Lectures will focus on introducing machine learning algorithms and discussing how they can be applied to solve problem in statistical physics. Tutorials and homework assignments will concentrate on developing programming skills to study the problems presented in lecture.

Cosmology (2021/2022)

Collection Number C22024
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This class is an introduction to cosmology. We'll cover expansion history of the universe, thermal history, dark matter models, and as much cosmological perturbation theory as time permits.

Quantum Gravity (2021-2022)

Collection Number C22022
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Topics will include (but are not limited to): Canonical formulation of constrained systems, The Dirac program, First order formalism of gravity, Loop Quantum Gravity, Spinfoam models, Research at PI and other approaches to quantum gravity.

Strong Gravity (2021/2022)

Collection Number C22025
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This course will introduce some advanced topics in general relativity related to describing gravity in the strong field and dynamical regime. Topics covered include properties of spinning black holes, black hole thermodynamics and energy extraction, how to define horizons in a dynamical setting, formulations of the Einstein equations as constraint and evolution equations, and gravitational waves and how they are sourced.