Everpresent Lambda: Theory Meets Observations

Collection Number C19046
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One of the biggest mysteries in cosmology and fundamental physics is the nature of dark energy that is responsible for the current acceleration of cosmic expansion. While a cosmological constant provides the simplest model of dark energy recent observational tensions amongst supernovae Ia gravitational lensing time delays and cosmic microwave background suggest the need for a more complex dynamical dark energy. One of the oldest proposals for a dynamical dark energy is Everpresent Lambda proposed by Sorkin which is inspired by the causal set model of quantum gravity. It was recently shown that this model can potentially resolve the  tensions in cosmological observations. The meeting aims to bring together a small number of experts in quantum gravity causal sets and cosmology to carefully examine the models theoretical predictions and its observational tests and pave the way for what might be an(other) exciting insight from cosmology into the fundamental nature of spacetime.

Gravitational Waves Outside the Boxes

Collection Number C18033
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With the era of gravitational wave astronomy started and a rapid increase in sensitivity and frequency bands, unprecedented opportunities to unravel long-standing questions as well as new opportunities open up. This workshop will focus on discussing out-of-the-box ideas for this exciting field.

Simplicity III

Collection Number C19044
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This cross-disciplinary workshop gathers theorists who have been working on novel approaches to understanding the structure of the Standard Model and its link to cosmology and gravity. It follows the previous Simplicity I and II workshops at Princeton University (2014) and Fermilab (2016) and will be a small informal meeting with plenty of room for discussions.