From Einstein's Intuition to Quantum Bits


Aspect, A. (2007). From Einstein's Intuition to Quantum Bits. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/07100041


Aspect, Alain. From Einstein's Intuition to Quantum Bits. Perimeter Institute, Oct. 03, 2007, https://pirsa.org/07100041


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Alain Aspect Institut d'Optique - Graduate School


Many experts are convinced that large scale, practical implementations of quantum information systems hold great promise for society, much as the laser and the transistor have already revolutionized the world. This stems from a long history of research that included an intense, raging battle of epic proportions between scientific giants. In tracing these steps, you will learn why Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr argued over the nature of entangled states where pairs of sub-atomic particles are strangely correlated from 1935 until their very deaths. You will also find out how, decades later, John Bell discovered his famous inequalities that made it possible for experimentalists, including Alain Aspect and others, to settle the great debate and help propel a new era of fundamental understanding with concepts and methods that seek to harness unique properties of atoms to process and transmit information.