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Top scientists in the world speak at Perimeter Institute to celebrate the grand opening of their new facility in Waterloo.

Juan Maldacena - Black Holes and the Structure of Space Time

Juan Maldacena Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) - School of Natural Sciences (SNS)
Black Holes and the Structure of Space Time Juan Maldacena, blackholes, space-time, gravitation, gravity, special relativity, quantum mechanics, Einstein, equivalence principle, redshift factor, universality, white black holes, quantum gravity, string theory, general relativity, Penrose, Hawking, thermodynamics, entropy

Anthony Leggett - Thoughts on the future of Physics.

Anthony Leggett University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
2003 Nobel Prize Winner shares thoughts on the future of physics. Anthony Leggett, quantum mechanics, wave, particle, quantum liquids, superconductivity, De Broglie relation, Cooper\'s pair, Schrodinger cat, many-bodies