Talks by Abhijit Gadde

(0,2) Trialities

Abhijit Gadde Stony Brook University
Motivated by the connection between 4-manifolds and 2d N=(0,2) theories, we study the dynamics of a fairly large class of 2d N=(0,2) gauge theories. We see that physics of such theories is very rich, much as the physics of 4d N=1 theories. We discover a new type of duality that is very reminiscent of the 4d Seiberg duality. Surprisingly, the new 2d duality is an operation of order three. We study the low energy physics and use elliptic genus to detect dynamical supersymmetry breaking.

From N=4 SYM to N=2 Superconformal QCD: Spin chains and Holography

Abhijit Gadde Stony Brook University
The Z2 orbifold of N=4 SYM can be connected to N=2 superconformal QCD by a marginal deformation. The spin chains in this marginal family of theories have sufficient symmetry that allows for an all-loop determination of dispersion relation of BMN magnons. The exact two body S matrix is also fixed up to an overall phase. The exact dispersion relation of the magnon can be obtained from the matrix model of lowest modes on S^3, as well. I'll also talk briefly about some progress made towards the string dual of N=2 superconformal QCD, the endpoint of the deformation.