Talks by Alena Antipova

Motion of disc-shaped colloids and pairs of colloidal discs in a nematic liquid crystal

Alena Antipova Western University
In the present work the motion of disc-shaped particles in a nematic liquid crystal was simulated via a Lattice Boltzmann algorithm. Under the action of a rotating magnetic field the colloidal disc with perpendicular surface anchoring immersed in a nematic liquid crystal experiences a torque and continues turning following the field. However when the disc reaches some critical position when the director field around it is highly distorted the disc suddenly flips to minimize the free energy.

Dynamics of the magnetic disc in nematic liquid crystal under the action of magnetic field

Alena Antipova Western University
We simulated Ni disc immersed in a liquid crystal using a lattice Boltzmann algorithm for liquid crystals. In the absence of external torques discs with homeotropic anchoring align with their surface normal parallel to the director of the nematic liquid crystal. In the presence of a weak magnetic field (<10G) the disc will rotate to equilibrate the magnetic torque and the elastic torque due to the distortion of the nematic director.