Daniel Gottesman received his PhD in 1997 from Caltech, where he was a student of John Preskill. He then held postdoctoral positions at Los Alamos National Lab, Microsoft Research, and UC Berkeley (as a long-term CMI Prize Fellow for the Clay Mathematics Institute).

Talks by Daniel Gottesman

Stabilizer codes for prime power qudits

Daniel Gottesman Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
There is a standard generalization of stabilizer codes to work with qudits which have prime dimension, and a slightly less standard generalization for qudits whose dimension is a prime power. However, for prime power dimensions, the usual generalization effectively treats the qudit as multiple prime-dimensional qudits instead of one larger object. There is a finite field GF(q) with size equal to any prime power, and it makes sense to label the qudit basis states with elements of the finite field, but the usual stabilizer codes do not make use of the structure of the finite field.

Maximally sensitive sets of states

Daniel Gottesman Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Coherent errors in a quantum system can, in principle, build up much more rapidly than incoherent errors, accumulating as the square of the number of qubits in the system rather than linearly. I will characterize the types of channels that can exhibit such behavior and present a simple protocol that can detect and characterize coherent errors whenever they are present, no matter what their nature. This allows us to identify coherent errors in gates and measurements to within a constant fraction of the maximum possible sensitivity to such errors.