Talks by Elisa Maggio

Extreme-mass ratio inspirals around a spinning horizonless compact object

Elisa Maggio Sapienza University of Rome
"Extreme mass-ratio inspirals detectable by LISA are unique probes of the nature of supermassive compact objects. We compute the gravitational-wave signal emitted by a point particle in a circular equatorial orbit around a Kerr-like horizonless object defined by an effective radius and a reflectivity coefficient. Teukolsky equations are solved consistently with suitable boundary conditions, and the modified energy fluxes are used to evolve the orbital parameters adiabatically.

How does a dark compact object ringdown?

Elisa Maggio Sapienza University of Rome

Gravitational waves from the coalescence of compact binaries provide a unique opportunity to test gravity in strong field regime. In particular, the postmerger phase of the gravitational signal is a proxy for the nature of the remnant.