Talks by Giacomo Torlai

Alleviating the sign structure of quantum states

Giacomo Torlai Flatiron Institute
The sign structure of quantum states - the appearance of “probability” amplitudes with negative sign - is one of the most striking contrasts between the classical and the quantum world, with far-reaching implications in condensed matter physics and quantum information science. Because it is a basis-dependent property, one may wonder: is a given sign structure truly intrinsic, or can it be removed by a local change of basis? In this talk, I will present an algorithm based on automatic differentiation of tensor networks for discovering non-negative representations of many-body wavefunctions.

Learning Thermodynamics with Boltzmann Machines

Giacomo Torlai Flatiron Institute
The introduction of neural networks with deep architecture has led to a revolution, giving rise to a new wave of technologies empowering our modern society. Although data science has been the main focus, the idea of generic algorithms which automatically extract features and representations from raw data is quite general and applicable in multiple scenarios. Motivated by the effectiveness of deep learning algorithms in revealing complex patterns and structures underlying data, we are interested in exploiting such tool in the context of many-body physics.