Igor Klebanov

Igor R. Klebanov's research has touched on many aspects of theoretical physics and is presently centered on relations between string theory and quantum field theory. After completing his undergraduate work at MIT in 1982, he earned his PhD in 1986 at Princeton University. He held a postdoctoral position at SLAC for 3 years before joining the faculty of Princeton university, where he is currently a Thomas D. Jones Professor of Mathematical Physics. His work in 1996-97 on relations between branes in supergravity and their gauge theory description anticipated the AdS/CFT correspondence. His 1998 paper "Gauge Theory Correlators from Non-Critical String Theory," with Gubser and Polyakov, is among the all-time top cited papers in high-energy physics. Since then Klebanov has made many further contributions to the duality between gauge theories and strings. 

Talks by Igor Klebanov