Talks by John Kehayias

No GUTs, All Glory: Charge Quantization and the Standard Model from Nonlinear Sigma Models

John Kehayias Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU)
I will present recent and ongoing work in collaboration with Tsutomu Yanagida and Simeon Hellerman (arXiv:1309.0692 and 1312.xxxx) on a new way to obtain charge quantization, without a GUT or monopole solution. In the CP^1 model, SU(2)_G/U(1)_H, consistency conditions for a charged field and its transformation properties over the entire group manifold lead to a charge quantization condition. By gauging the U(1)_H and identifying it with hypercharge, we find charge quantization in the SM without a monopole or GUT, purely from the structure and dynamics of the nonlinear sigma model.