Talks by Marcel Schmittfull

Precision Cosmology from the Clustering of Galaxies

Marcel Schmittfull Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

Large surveys of the positions of galaxies in the Universe are becoming increasingly powerful to shed light on some of the unsolved problems of cosmology, including the question of what caused the early Universe to expand. The analysis of the data is challenging, however, because the signal is small, the data is difficult to model, and its probability distribution is not fully known. I will present some recent ideas to approach these challenges.


Prospects for CMB lensing-galaxy clustering cross-correlations and initial condition reconstruction

Marcel Schmittfull Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

The lensing convergence measurable with future CMB experiments will be highly correlated with the clustering of galaxies that will be observed by imaging surveys such as LSST. I will discuss prospects for using that cross-correlation signal to constrain local primordial non-Gaussianity, the amplitude of matter fluctuations as a function of redshift, halo bias, and possibly the sum of neutrino masses. A key limitation for such analyses and large-scale structure analyses in general is that the mapping from initial conditions to observables is nonlinear for wavenumbers k>0.1h/Mpc.