Talks by Mehrdad Mirbabayi

Uptunneling to de Sitter

Mehrdad Mirbabayi Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

Motivated by the question of how inflation started, we propose a Euclidean preparation of an asymptotically AdS2 spacetime that contains an inflating dS2 bubble. The setup can be embedded in a four dimensional theory with a Minkowski vacuum and a false vacuum. AdS2 times 2-sphere approximate the near horizon geometry of a 4d near-extremal RN wormhole. Likewise, in the false vacuum the near-horizon geometry of a near-extremal black hole is approximately dS2 times 2-sphere.

Weinberg Soft Theorems from Weinberg Adiabatic Modes

Mehrdad Mirbabayi Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

Soft theorems for the scattering of low energy photons and gravitons and cosmological consistency conditions on the squeezed-limit correlation functions are both understood to be consequences of invariance under large gauge transformations. I apply the same method used in cosmology -- based on the identification of an infinite set of "adiabatic modes" and the corresponding conserved currents -- to derive flat space soft theorems for electrodynamics and gravity.

Productive interactions: heavy particles, gravitational waves and non-Gaussianity

Mehrdad Mirbabayi Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

I discuss the phenomenology of models of inflation with periodic particle production. Particle production occurs as the mass of heavy particles goes through non-adiabatic modulations as the inflaton field rolls. I show that this process can lead to significant emission of scalar and gravitational waves during inflation, with distinct observational signatures.