Talks by Michael Burns

General Relativity 2

Michael Burns Waterloo Collegiate Institute (WRDSB)
The complete story of how the scientists’ had predicted the final stages of stars of varying masses: from the application of General Relatively, to the latest astronomical observations. Our journey starts with White Dwarfs and ends with a journey to and into a Black Hole and all the implications such a trip would hold for our visitor.

General Relativity 1

Michael Burns Waterloo Collegiate Institute (WRDSB)
The refinement of our understanding of Space and Time through thought experiments; starting with Newtonian ideas and ending with the mathematical adventures of Einstein and other prominent scientists as they contemplate the structure of stars.

The Mystery of Dark Matter

Michael Burns Waterloo Collegiate Institute (WRDSB)
In the 1980’s when Vera Rubin was analyzing how stars in galaxies revolve around the galactic core, she made an incredible discovery. The stars where moving much faster than anyone expected. This discovery helped open up a door in physics whose implications are far stranger than the best plot in any science fiction movie. Join us as we explore the mystery of dark matter.