Talks by Mikhail Ivanov

Hidden Symmetry of Vanishing Love

Mikhail Ivanov New York University (NYU)
We show that perturbations of massless fields in the Kerr black hole background enjoy a hidden infinite-dimensional ("Love") symmetry in the properly defined near zone approximation. Love symmetry mixes IR and UV modes. Still, this approximate symmetry allows us to derive exact results about static tidal responses (Love numbers) of static and spinning black holes. Generators of the Love symmetry are globally well defined and have a smooth Schwarzschild limit. The Love symmetry contains an SL(2,R)×U(1) subalgebra.

Challenges for large-scale structure theory and data analysis

Mikhail Ivanov New York University (NYU)

In the first part of the talk I will review some recent progress in large-scale structure theory and show how it can be used to measure cosmological parameters from current and future redshift surveys. Then I will discuss some ongoing challenges in the modeling of galaxy clsutering data and covariance matrices. Finally, I will present a systematic calculation of the probability distribution function for the dark matter density field and discuss its potential as a cosmological probe.