Talks by Mikhail Lukin

Exploring new scientific frontiers with programmable atom arrays

Mikhail Lukin Harvard University

We will discuss the recent advances involving programmable, coherent manipulation of quantum many-body systems using atom arrays excited into Rydberg states. Specifically, we will describe our recent technical upgrades that now allow the control over 200 atoms in two-dimensional arrays. Recent results involving the realization  of exotic phases of matter, study of quantum phase transitions and  exploration of  their non-equilibrium dynamics will be presented.

A quantum network of clocks

Mikhail Lukin Harvard University
By combining precision metrology and quantum networks, we describe a quantum, cooperative protocol for the operation of a network consisting of geographically remote optical atomic clocks. Using non-local entangled states, we demonstrate an optimal utilization of the global network resources, and show that such a network can be operated near the fundamental limit set by quantum theory yielding an ultra-precise clock signal.