Dr. Gershenfeld is the Director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, and has been named one of Scientific American’s 50 leaders in science and technology. He is best known as a pioneer in personal fabrication -- small-scale manufacturing enabled by digital technologies, which gives people the tools to build literally anything they can imagine.

Talks by Neil Gershenfeld

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Wired 24/7?

In our lifetime we have seen a broad transformation in the way we interact with technology in our daily lives. And further developments in technology promise a continued impact. Are we comfortable living in a world that never shuts off? How has this technology affected us, our thinking, our relationships and the way our work works? Is technological progress always for the better? Be part of the live studio audience for this special edition of TVO's Agenda with Steve Paikin.

Lecture Series presented by KPMG - Programming Bits and Atoms

Neil Gershenfeld Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Physics and Media Group
Computer science has served to isolate programs and programmers from knowledge of the mechanisms used to manipulate information, however this fiction is increasingly hard to maintain as devices scale down in size and systems scale up in complexity. This talk will explore the consequences of exposing rather than hiding this underlying physical reality, in areas including logic automata, interdevice internetworking, intelligent infrastructure, digital fabrication and programmable matter.