Talks by Nicolas Gisin

Time in Physics and Intuitionistic Mathematics

Nicolas Gisin Université de Genève
"Physics is formulated in terms of timeless axiomatic mathematics. However, time is essential in all our stories, in particular in physics. For example, to think of an event is to think of something in time. A formulation of physics based of intuitionism, a constructive form of mathematics built on time-evolving processes, would offer a perspective that is closer to our experience of physical reality and may help bridging the gap between static relativity and quantum indeterminacy. Historically, intuitionistic mathematics was introduced by L.E.J.

From Bell Inequalities to Secure Key Distribution

Nicolas Gisin Université de Genève
Abner Shimony is well-known for, among other contributions, his seminal work on Bell inequalities, turning a philosophical question into an experimental one. In my presentation I like to remind us how this experimental field is nowadays feeding into applied science. This is happening both in terms of the involved technologies and in the conceptual tools.