Talks by Pascal Vaudrevange

Thick-wall tunneling in a piecewise linear and quadratic potential

Pascal Vaudrevange DESY Theory
After reviewing the basics of Coleman deLuccia tunneling, especially in the thin-wall limit, I discuss an (almost) exact tunneling solution in a piecewise linear and quadratic potential. A comparison with the exact solution for a piecewise linear potential demonstrates the dependence of the tunneling rate on the exact shape of the potential. Finally, I will mention applications when determining initial conditions for inflation in the landscape. Based on arXiv:1102.4742 [hep-th].

Surprising phenomena in a rich new class of inflationary models

Pascal Vaudrevange DESY Theory
We report on a new class of fast-roll inflationary models. In a part of its parameter space, inflationary perturbations exhibit quite unusual phenomena such as scalar and tensor modes freezing out at widely different times, as well as scalar modes reentering the horizon during inflation. One specific point in parameter space is characterized by extraordinary behavior of the scalar perturbations. Freeze-out of scalar perturbations as well as particle production at horizon crossing are absent.