Yutaka Shikano

Yutaka was born in Yokohama on 1984. He graduated the undergraduate, master, and doctoral coarse at Tokyo Institute of Technology and got the Ph.D. from Tokyo Institute of Technology on September, 2011. He was the postdoctoral fellow at Tokyo Institute of Technology supported by JSPS. His current position is the research associate professor at Institute for Molecular Science. His main research interest is quantum foundations in theoretical physics, molecular science, and mathematical physics.

2007  B.S. Tokyo Institute of Technology 
2009  M.S. Tokyo Institute of Technology 
2011  Ph.D.  Tokyo Institute of Technology 
2011  JSPS Postdoctral Fellowship, Tokyo Institute of Technology      
2011  Visiting Assistant Professor, Institute for Quantum Studies, Chapman University     
2012  Research Associate Professor, Institute for Molecular Science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences
2015  Visiting Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Talks by Yutaka Shikano